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Hvalodea on a circumnavigation


We are selling our beautiful yacht “Hvalodea” a spacious Tayana 55 from 1988.  We bought the boat from its first owner in 2016 and started refitting the boat over 4 years with the dream of sailing around the world.

Finally in 2020 it was ready for our big adventure and we left Copenhagen in a safe, shiny and well-equipped boat.


Over the years we have added a lot of new equipment and replaced the old gear to newer and safer. We have always had the pleasure of having plenty of friends on board who wanted to help us, so it has been really well maintained: Stainless steel and gelcoat polished, and the boat thoroughly cleaned from mast to keel every 8 weeks (!)

We have sailed it all the way from Denmark to Australia and felt safe in its solid construction and comfy center cockpit. It is the perfect blue water cruiser all ready to go on further adventures in the big blue. Take over from mid May.


The boat is already imported to Australia. From here there are so many exciting destinationen to go to like: Polynesia and Fiji via New Zealand or Micronesiea, Indonesia and the Philippines e.g.


Start dreaming!

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